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Our Wellness & Mindfulness Retreats run monthly on Saturday afternoons in Manningtree Olgivie Hall-1.30pm-4.30pm £39, pre bookings only.

Contact Emma to book your space- 07920015542-

I invite you to join myself and Ani from Aniyoga to our monthly wellness & Mindfulness Yoga & Sound Bath afternoon retreats.

Combining our services: Sound Bath & Reiki Therapy with gentle Hatha Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

We are passionate about offering you these wonderful and gentle therapies as a way to relax, unwind and boost your mental and physical wellbeing all in one place.

It is our aim to help increase your wellness by having access to these holistic therapies as a way to manage stress, chronic pain and anxiety…

This mindful afternoon retreat is Herbal and Crystal inspired for added healing and wellness. With each recieving a gift of crystal infused herbal tea made by our Herbalist and reiki master Emma and a crystal to take home.

Ani--- I am a Yoga teacher, full of enthusiasm to help all those who are struggling with their mobility, flexibility and balance issues. If you see the word ‘Yoga’ and think that’s not for me - then come along to my classes and try it out - I promise you - you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. As well as movement, AniYoga focuses on breath work, relaxation and meditation to make a truly rounded, authentic yoga experience. Namaste x

I believe our bodies have the ability to heal itself, and with Reiki & Sound Therapy, we help to reset that button. Not only is it a deep relaxation therapy, but sound therapy is used to restore healthy vibrations to the body. When restored, it is believed to bring you back to better health. Sound Therapy works on the principle that energy particles in our body can respond to sound waves, which have the ability to stimulate emotional & physical responses.

I look forward to bringing my group Sound Therapy & Reiki to the area with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Gong, tuning forks and shamanic drum .
Let your Reiki Master and Sound Therapist take you on a journey of resetting.

We hope to see you there

Love & light
Emma & Ani

This session includes:
1hour 25mins breathwork and yoga including yoga Nidra and Hatha Yoga.
Herbal tea and healthy snack break, including dark chocolate to ground us and time to browse the retail table of crystals and incense too. (Bring cash if you can).
1 hour Sound Bath and Reiki Therapy to finish our afternoon of wellness.

Wellness & MIndfulness dates

March 16th 1.30pm-4.30pm

April 20th 1.30pm-4.30pm

May 18th 1.30pm-4.30pm

June 15th 1.30pm-4.30pm

July 20th 1.30pm-4.30pm

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