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Holistic Treatments

Holistic therapies treat the body as a whole. Relaxing or stimulating the mind, body and soul at deeper levels. All Holistic treatments are Reiki infused with Reiki Master Emma to enhance your treatments healing experience.

Reflexology Foot & Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is beneficial for all ages. It is a relaxing non-invasive treatment carried out on the feet mostly, but also hands. Can also help to restore the body's natural balance.

Foot Reflexology  £47

Hand Reflexology £36


Using essential oils to soothe and relax the muscles and mind. Indulge after a hard days work or uplift ready for the week ahead. Blended to your individual needs.

Full Body £55

Back & Neck £38.50

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a firm massage to help get deeper into the muscles to help release tension. Using techniques such as hacking, cupping & kneading to stimulate deeper into tissue.

Full Body £52.80

Back & Neck £35

Indian Head Massage

A pressure point massage to the shoulders, neck, head and scalp.  Indian head massage can help with relief or stress, stiffness, headaches and insomnia.


Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo massage soothes aching muscles & eases stress. The silky texture of the bamboo rods glide over muscles to warm & heal areas of stress. The feeling is soothing as it helps to relax & calm the mind. The warmth on the skin helps to boost the immune system & raise the temperature slightly to kill bacteria that could cause illness.

60 mins £57

30 mins Back £40

Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles are a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax and therapeutic oils. They are carefully inserted into the ear to help relieve sinus congestion, head aches and wax. Includes a facial drainage massage.


What our customers are saying

I receive a regular massage with Emma and would very much recommend her. The massage is lovely and firm and still can fully relax after knowing not got to drive anywhere once Emma has left. Makes you feel very comfortable about having someone in your home. I'm starting the non surgical facial too which my first treatment was fantastic!!

- Louise Hamilton

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