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Sound Bath Therapy Sessions
Sound Therapy is used to restore healthy vibrations to the body. When restored it is believed to restore you to better health.  Sound is known to effect our mind and body. 


How do you feel if nails are scratched on a blackboard? How do you feel when you hear a soothing song? How do feel walking over a bridge? Without knowing why, you get effected by those sounds or vibrations moving without being seen, all around you.  


Sound Therapy works on a principal that energy particles in our body can respond to sound waves which have the ability to stimulate emotional and physical responses. 


Everything is energy, the universe, us, animals, the screen you are reading this on, is a form of energy. Looking at life like this way, one can only accept the fact we are all one, but in different forms. A natural vibrating substance, energy is continuously vibrating around us, even if we can not hear it, feel it or know its happening, it is there. 


 With Sound Therapy we look at raising those vibrations to create healing resonance through using voice, sound and vibration, we bring sound in tune with the natural vibration of the you,the client.  


Regular sound therapy, or other healing such as Reiki, can restore the natural vibration whilst untreated negative energy can lead to signs of stress, illness and depression in the body. 


Some of the benefits of Sound Therapy:Reduce anxiety and stress.

 Can help insomnia.

Boost immune system.

Aid symptoms of illness.

Improve emotional problems.Rebalance of moods.

 Help reduce pain. 

Instant relaxation.

Boost physical & mental energy. Deep meditation. 


During a Sound Therapy session a full consultation will take place to find the best Holistic approach to your body and mind healing. Your private session will be a relaxed, calming laying down (or seated if required)therapy,where the wonderful vibrations of music, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and tuning forks are used to create the right environment and vibration for you. On some occasions your own voice is used to teach you your own personal resonance to use at times of stress and illness. Leaving you with the feeling of sheer bliss and calmness.

Individual Sound Therapy

Private Sound Therapy session in your home. £52  
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Therapy with Friends

Sound Therapy with friends- Enjoy a sound therapy session with your friends in your home.    Enjoy as a group together a Sound Therapy session with Reiki included. Try a different way to get together and connect.    £25 per person. Minimum 4 people. Please note you will require space for laying down or seated.
Alternative Therapy

Sound Therapy with additional treatments

Sound Therapy with Aromatherapy Full Body massage £75

Sound Therapy with Reiki. £55


Sound Bath Groups & Events/Retreats
Sound Bath & Reiki Therapy Group Sessions: 
Monthly Tuesday evening 7pm-8pm in Stanway
Monthly Tuesday evening 7pm-8pm in Feering
Monthly Friday morning 10.30am-11.30am in Peldon
Monthly Tuesday evening 7pm in Bures
Monthly Monday evening 6.45pm Great Tey {sound bath no reiki £18}
Monthly Thursday mornings 10.30am-11.30am in Brantham

The sessions include receiving REIKI as a GROUP, with each receiving some hands on treatment {except at Great Tey} and bathing in some wonderful vibrations and sounds from sacred sound instruments, to aid the deeper state of relaxation and healing.

Each session is in a group of 6-10 and are booked and paid in advance only. No walk in appointments available.

Other Events & Groups
Monthly Yoga & Sound Bath Retreats in collabration with Yoga Teacher Ani- Saturdays 1.30pm-4.30pm in Manningtree.
Pure Energy- Qigong & Sound Bath Retreat June 29th & August 3rd 1.30pm-4pm. Great Tey Village Hall- Pre bookings only £40.
Contact to find out dates available and to book your space.
Emma 07920015542
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