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With Reiki Master Emma Smy.

Member of and accredited with International Reiki Organization.

Reiki is a natural healing energy that works on every level, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Reiki helps to regenrate the self healing ability to re-balance the whole mind, body & soul.

Benefits of Reiki:

*Feelings of deep relaxation.

*Improved mood & sense of self.

*A general sense of heal​th & well being.

*Less stressed.

*More energy.

*Pain reduction.

*Ease anxiety.

* Can help with OCD.

*Hormonal imbalances.

*Can help with Insomnia.

These are just some benefits of Reiki there are many more!

Origins of Reiki

Reiki was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the 1900's. After some time on Mount Kurama in meditative retreat, Usui ​experienced 'enlightenment' and healing symbols came to him to find Reiki.

Reiki is defined a 'Universal Life Energy', which describes the many systems of natural balancing. It uses vibrational frequency's to re-balance the bodies Chakra points.

Reiki is taught by its Master teachers. The tradition is passed from Master to student, attuning them to the reiki energy. There is no belief system or religion required. Reiki will flow from the practitioners & Masters intuition.

What happens during a reiki treatment?

Reiki is used on the whole body.

A full body treatment can last between 45-60 minutes on adults, less for children. A full consultation will take place before your treatment. You will remain fully clothed & typically be asked to lay on a massage table or can be seated if more convenient for you. Your therapist, Emma, may need a few moments to enter a calm state & will gently place her hands on or near various parts of the body, including head, torso, knees & feet. The hands will remain in each position for some minutes before moving to the next position. You may feel warmth, tingling & deep relaxation. Some people may see different colours or feel emotional during treatment. Clients often fall asleep.

At the end of treatment you will be given any aftercare you require.

Reiki in person £44

Crystal Reiki in person £49

Distance Reiki Healing £33

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